Recycling & Sustainability at Rpak

We’re committed to creating a cleaner and greener future for all Australians, and we have several sustainability goals and initiatives in place to help us achieve this. Discover how we’re meeting these goals and nurturing a circular economy below.

Double Green products made
with 50% recycled content

Double Green® is our exclusive range of environmentally friendly PET products which reduce landfill and create a cleaner and greener Australia.

Most Double Green products contain at least 50% recycled content, well over the mandatory 30% APCO 2025 target, and are 100% recyclable in existing Australian kerbside recycling streams.

Not only do all our PET products now contain a minimum of 50% R-PET (recycled PET) but with technological improvements we offer packaging manufactured in Australia by Australians using 100% R-PET which has FDA approval.

Working with Choice Energy to offset
our energy consumption

As we’ve grown and expanded, we were able to partner with Choice Energy to build a turnkey solar power station on our factory in 2017. And while we’re not yet 100% powered by renewable energy, this power station will:

  • Create LGC certificates from Australia’s Clean Energy Regulator worth in excess of $200,000

  • Save us over $70,000 per year by offsetting close to 215mWh from our annual consumption (comparable to the annual energy consumption of 42 Melbourne households*)

  • Allow us to remain competitive, green, and meet our sustainability values

*Based on AER’s 2020 Residential Energy Consumption Benchmarks report

Our Sustainability Strategy

We’re making our sustainability goals official by committing to national agreements, regulatory frameworks, and targets.

We’re a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant and are committed to and working towards the following National Packaging Targets: 

  • To make 100% of packaging in Australia reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025;

  • That 70% of plastic packaging is recycled or composted;

  • To ensure there is an average of 30% recycled content in all packaging; and

  • To phase out problematic and unnecessary single-use plastic packaging.

These actions have helped us achieve Level 5 – Beyond Best Practice, the highest performance level, in our second year of meeting the APCO’s core criteria.

Rpak has gone LEAN

We’ve become a LEAN manufacturing facility after a 12 month process where management and most of our staff completed Certificate IVs in Competitive Systems & Practices.

By adopting lean practices, we’re able to reduce waste, optimise our processes, improve time management, increase traceability, and enhance the quality of our products. We’re able to improve the management and sustainability of our customers’ packaging and provide better services and pricing.

This is just one of the steps we’re taking to become responsible corporate and environmental citizens working towards a sustainable future.

Working with Martogg to create 100% recyclable packaging

A common goal of creating a greener future for food packaging in Australia has led to a powerful partnership with Australia’s largest privately-owned plastics recycling company, Martogg.

Martogg supplies Rpak with recycled PET resin (known as MarPET), from which we make 50% of our products. This has allowed us to increase our averaged recycled content from 30% to 50%, and in some cases 100%.

Even better is that this is all done locally in Australia, truly closing the loop and working towards building a circular economy in Australian plastics and saving on the extra costs and emissions associated with importing materials from overseas.

Learn about our reuse and recycle process

In addition to our partnership with Martogg, we also recycle all excess plastic material produced during manufacture as part of our in-house closed loop recycling policy. By using recycled PET instead of virgin PET, there’s a carbon saving of up to 79%.

This is done by recycling offcut material, grinding it, melting it into a sheet, and then forming trays with heat. This process creates our Double Green product line, which is biodegradable in a microbe-rich, biologically active landfill, and can also be recycled in existing recycling streams across Australia.

Pushing for packaging to be Remade in Australia

As one of only two Australian plastics manufacturers to have closed the loop to produce 100% recyclable packaging, we want to see our industry continue to grow and thrive.

This is why we’re collaborating with Remade in Australia to educate Aussies on our current recycling waste crisis and encourage supermarket giants and fresh fruit growers to package their products in reusable plastics to support the circular economy.

You can support the cause by heading to Remade’s website to learn more about the campaign initiatives and signing the petition: