Double Green® is our exclusive range of environmentally friendly PET and polystyrene products which are aimed at reducing landfill and creating a cleaner and greener Australia.

All our Double Green® products contain recycled content in excess of the mandatory 30% and are 100% recyclable in existing Australian kerbside recycling streams. These are the foundations of a circular economy.

However, as a precaution, there is also the option of using a biodegradable additive which encourages plastic to degrade through a series of chemical reactions should the product end up in a microbial rich landfill environment.

Double Green® biodegradable* products have been shown to biodegrade 24% in 216 days under conditions that simulate a wetter biological active landfill using ASTM D5511 standard test. Note that the stated rate of degradation does not mean the product will continue to decompose.

Testing continues on all Double Green® products and material to track the rate of biodegradability*.

*Refer to the News link for updates and more information as it comes to hand.


Data updates will be regularly posted in the NEWS section of this website.

Recyclable Packaging
Sustainability Strategy

We at Recyclable Packaging are signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant and embrace the goal to ‘reduce environmental degradation arising from the disposal of used packaging and conserve virgin materials through the encouragement of re-use and recycling of used packaging materials’.

We are committed to and working towards the following National Packaging Targets:-

  • To make 100% of packaging in Australia reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025;
  • That 70% of plastic packaging is recycled or composted;
  • To ensure there is an average of 30% recycled content in all packaging;
  • To phase out problematic and unnecessary single-use plastic packaging.

As manufacturers of plastic packaging this affects us in two ways, both in better managing our business to business packaging and in working with our customers to increase the sustainability of their packaging so together we are responsible corporate and environmental citizens working towards a sustainable future.

Please refer to our attached first APCO Annual Report and Action Plan Performance Summary for information on our progress in the first year.


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