Double Green® biodegradable products have been shown to biodegrade 24% in 216 Days under conditions that simulate a wetter biological active landfill using ASTM D 5511 standard test.

Note the standard rate of degradation does not mean the product will continue to decompose.

Testing will continue on Double Green® material to track the rate of biodegradation and will be published as and when it comes to hand.

We will be continually updating the progress of our laboratory testing of our double green material to keep you informed so as you too can keep your customer informed.

DEC 2015

Please click on the calendar icon to the right to see how effective Double Green® plastic is in Biodegrading to the standard ASTM D5511 while still being 100% recyclable.

Rpak goes LEAN 18 October 2018 Recyclable Packaging recently achieved and completed a LEAN manufacturing course conducted by CLS whereby all staff including warehouse and management as well as all in production obtained certificate 4s in competitive systems and practices. This year long process recently completed has and will bring efficient benefits to the business, increased and more detailed traceability, improved quality and ultimately better service and pricing for our valued customers.

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